Salvation Mountain : The Most Unique Mountain in California

When Bryan first told me that we were going for a-day-trip to Salvation mountain, I was so excited. Finally, right?! A day with nature.  I thought we are going to bask under the sun, do some hiking, maybe having a picnic by a quiet lake. Then, I searched about Salvation mountain and tell you what, it’s far from what I imagined. Heck, that place doesn’t even have trees. It’s located in the middle of the dessert.


It took us 2-3 hours from Los Angeles to get here. The unique “mountain” was created by Leonard Knight, who passed away on February 10, 2014. He started the project in 1985. It took him 30 years to build his vision that we called Salvation Mountain. When we got there, my first reaction was “This is it??!” but no, that wasn’t it. It was actually really fun to walk around and took some photos in Salvation Mountain. Colorful, decorated with branches, clay, frames and, window, every corner looked gram-worthy. There was a path to go up to the top where the cross was located and you can see the surrounding desert and town. The path to go up was colored with yellow brick. You cannot step onto the path nor the painted part of the mountain if you are using heels because it could destroy the painted artwork. Every single mural has “God is Love” on it.


We went in summer. It’s almost 40 degree Celsius outside, with no breeze or wind outside, and there’s no restroom in the location. So, a pro tip for you my friends, who are planning to go here, make sure to stop by at the nearest gas station to do your business so that you can spend more time exploring this place. This little gem is definitely worth a visit if you have some extra time on the weekend or wants a little road trip moment with your friends.



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