Pulau Harapan : Beach Getaway 2 hours Away from Jakarta

Whenever I got sick of the city or when work starting to get on my nerve, beach is always the first thing comes in my mind. The sound of the waves, sunny days out, sand on my toes.. just thinking about it makes my heart calm. Beach is my happy place. Last December, I was planning a beach getaway for the weekend. Since I want it to be a quick one, without so much planning involved, I decided to go to Pulau Harapan. I found this awesome open trip offered by Ladita tour in their website. The open trip only cost Rp 370,000 per person and they don’t require minimum participant. The tour will still go on with a minimum 2 participants and you still pay the same price, cool right?


So me and my 3 other friends went to Pulau Harapan from Muara Angke. There is 2 ports option where you can start your trip: One is from Muara Angke. This one is a low budget option and the duration of the trip is also longer. It can reach up to 3 hours ride from Muara Angke to Pulau Harapan. Second, is from Marina Ancol. The fare rate is way higher than the fare from Muara Angke because you will use a speedboat and it will only take you maximum of 1.5 hours to reach Pulau Harapan from Jakarta.

Here’s what I found out during my trip in Pulau Harapan:

1. There’s no sandy beach in Pulau Harapan. So if you hoped to go there to stay near the beach and play in the sand, forget it. You better off in Pulau Tidung, Pulau Macan, and Pulau Pramuka. Because to do that, you need to hire one of those fisherman boats to go to other islands to do your water activities there.


2. Pulau Harapan is the island where most of the fisherman and the local community lived. It’s a residential island. During my stay, I didn’t see any commercial buildings or luxurious hotels there. Our guide told me that most of the visitors will stay in the locals house. Sometimes when there’s a lot of visitors due to the holiday season, the local will rent the whole house for the visitor and stay with the neighbor or their extended family. But it’s not a burden at all. They happily do it because it’s one of their main income. Aside from renting their house to the visitors, they also cook and provide food for the visitors. When we first arrived from Jakarta, we found the food was already provided inside the house. The room is also spacious enough for the 4 of us so it’s quite nice. Our guide and the locals were really nice with us too. A kind hospitality that I rarely find in Jakarta.



3. Shut down your cellphone and enjoy your trip because there’s a very limited phone reception around the island. If you are outside, you can get 3G signal at least but most of the time there is none. So you can save your Instastory, Instagram and Facebook update for later.



4. There’s a lot of islands that you can visit around Pulau Harapan to do some snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing, like Pulau Perak, Pulau Bulat, Pulau Kayu Angin Bira, Pulau Kayu Angin Genteng and Pulau Macan Gundul. The visibility and the marine life is quite good. I just hope that the local community is more proactive preserving the nature of marine life. It just saddens me to see most of the corals are dead while the tourists just keep on stepping on it and fisherman picks on them to eat.



5. One of the magical moments during the trip was when we saw a group of dolphins passing by our boat on our way to Pulau Bulat. I never see dolphins in the wild up close so that was really something.



I will definitely go back to Pulau Harapan to explore some other island like Pulau Gosong. We really enjoy our trip to Pulau Harapan, thanks to our Guide; Pak Sugeng, Mas Andi and Ladita tour.Looking forward for our next visit and hopefully, with a better weather too.


Have you been to Pulau Harapan? Which island is your favorite?

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