Mount Pinatubo: A Visit to the Volcanic Beauty

This is a throwback post of my visit to Mt. Pinatubo a year ago. It was just a few days before Araw ng Kagitingan that I had an idea to go out of a town. Mount Pinatubo was on top of my list. I checked out the place from the internet and the marine colored lake was quite inviting for a summer trip. It’s approximately 2 hours away from Manila so I planned it to be a day trip. However, after reading several blog reviews about the place, I learned that if I’m going to commute there, it’s not going to be easy and fast. We might even spend more time on the road than trekking.

I took the tour with Pinaykeypoint Team. We were 11 in a group so we availed package 5 which costs P2000/pax. All the fees needed for the trip like roundtrip van, rent 4×4, environmental fee, local guide, etc already included, we just have to pack our own lunch. They were very accommodating, organize and kind enough to let my dog join the tour. I was also impressed by how punctual they were with the time. I joined several tours in the past and believe me, you wouldn’t like having to wait 45 minutes more than the said departure, especially when it was as early as 3 in the morning.

We had a briefing from Eric PinayKeypoint about the safety instruction, the do and don’t’s on trekking before we start our trip. My heart already yapped with joy as I saw the 4×4 jeep that was going to take us off-road.



2015-04-10 10.15.24 1

Beautiful scenery from our ride. It was really hot that day. I wished I wore a less baring clothes to cover my face. Oh the things I sacrifice for style.





It took us 1 hour of a bumpy and dusty ride until we arrived at the trekking point.




We chose the easiest trail for our trekking. It was around 1 km and 45 minutes walk.

2015-04-09 03.14.53 1

Mount Pinatubo was a sight to behold. The long trip was definitely worth it. Dusty faces, sunburn, and butt cramp fade away as we seen how magnificent the crater looks like. Here’re the things I recommend if you want to visit Mount Pinatubo:

  1. Bring extra food and drinks. There a few vendors near the crater and you can buy drinks there in case you ran out of drinks or food but the price is 3-4 times higher than the regular price.
  2. Wear something that can cover up your entire body if you’re going there on summer but doesn’t want to get dark. There’s a chance you will get an open-roof 4×4 jeep. Now, imagine sitting there for 1 hour under the scorching hot sun.
  3. Wear trekking shoes. Better yet, waterproof shoes would be a good idea.
  4. Bring extra clothes. You won’t like going home covered in dust and sweat.
  5. Avoid the hassle by arranging your trip with Pinaykeypoint Team.


2015-04-10 09.52.15 1

and at the end of the day, your feet must be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling..


Live to the fullest,


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