A Weekend Along California’s Pacific Coast Highway, Big Sur

Summer is the perfect time to do a mini road trip around California. I have been wanting to explore Big Sur ever since I moved to California. Big Sur is a 90-mile along California’s Pacific coast. A scenic drive at California Highway 1 is definitely a must-visit for an epic road trip. So we set a journey through Big Sur-Monterey County-Davenport over the weekend. This is pretty much the route that we will cover in our trip:

And here are the main destinations:

  1. Mcway Waterfall
  2. Bixby Creek Bridge
  3. Davenport Pier

There were so many beautiful locations along the way to our main destinations. We had to make several unplanned stops until we realize we might not make it to Davenport for sunset. But who can resist seeing elephant seals basking under the sun? Definitely not me.


We arrived at Davenport Pier just on time for sunset. I was a bit hesitant to go down the beach because we had to climb down the narrow cliffside to take a picture with this swing. Just another daredevil experience for that in gram-worthy photo. Luckily, the tide was pretty low. I didn’t want to get my clothes and hair wet since it was freezing. So I had to run back several times to avoid the high waves that were crashing the walls of the swing. There was a line of people waiting to get photos with this swing. Luckily, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes for Bryan to take the photos that I want for this swing. I wish we had better weather during our trip.



We spent the night at Monterey before we went back home the next day. It was a good call to stay at Monterey since it’s not far from Davenport and we didn’t have to spend a lot of time on the road to reach Big Sur coastal. We wanted to stop by at Bixby Creek Bridge on our way home. Then we saw this unmarked location with magnificent cliffside view and wildflowers. We knew we had to make a stop.


The only couple photo we got from the trip by our friend @itsfeebbee, captured perfectly with Bixby Creek Bridge in the background.

Watch the video Bryan made from our Big Sur road trip on his Youtube channel. He is also the creative behind these amazing photos. Click here to check out his work.


Live to the fullest,

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