Skydive Dubai: Turning 27 at 13,000 feet

So.. I just turned 27 last November. Yay!!

Ok, maybe I wasn’t so excited about getting older but I was definitely excited about something else. I have planned the trip since 2015 and it finally happened. Yes, I went skydiving in Dubai!

Why Dubai, you say?

Despite it being ridiculously expensive (AED 1,999 or around IDR 7,500,000), you really get what you paid for. Think about this; This is going to be my first time and the last time. I probably not going to do this ever again. So I want this monumental experience to be nicely recorded, professionally, in both photos and videos, from every angle possible, while I’m trying to look fabulous, defying gravity from 13,000 feet.

Skydive Dubai got all of the above covered. When I booked the date for my skydiving, I only deposit half of the payment. On the day I showed up for my skydiving schedule, I paid the other half. I signed a waiver, that states “Skydive Dubai shall not be held responsible for any unlikely unfortunate event”. Well, I wasn’t really thinking about me ending up dead. The only unfortunate event that’s more likely to happen (95%) is me shitting on my pants if that considered unfortunate event ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got my tandem instructor, Joe to whom I entrust my life to and Mitch, my videographer who recorded the whole experience from beginning to end. Joe helped me in getting prepped up before the jump while briefed me on what to do and donts. The main take away from the briefing is to โ€œBent your legs back and chin up!โ€ “Make cute signs with your hands” “Look at Mitch all the time so you got a nice video” “Mitch will offer you his legs, so just grab them. It will be fun” (Damn right, it was). Mitch did a little interview with me before we boarded the plane. Everything happened so fast afterward.


There were twelve of us sitting opposite each other inside the plane. There were 4 clients, including me, each with their own tandem instructor and videographer. By the time, the plane took off, I can’t feel my legs although I remained calm. The doors opened and the winds were roaring outside when we reached 13,000 feet. We were the last one to jump. Mitch went to the door while we followed on him. He turned around, facing us and fall out with his back. I can feel my gut sank looking at him but in a split second, without any instruction, we jumped out..ย HEAD FIRST!

Any kind of fear I had before, was left behind the plane door and the rest was history.

Here’s the footage of the most amazing 50 seconds of my life. Happy Birthday to me!

If skydiving is also on your bucket list, here’s a tip from me: do it before your heart can’t do it anymore. Don’t wait until your arteries clogged with cholesterol. Believe me, there’s nothing like that surreal moment when you realize that you are actually free-falling. Take that leap of faith and book your experience at Skydive Dubai.


Live to the fullest,



Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are truthful and 100% my own. I do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

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