Netherlands: Exploring UNESCO Kinderdijk Windmills

Kinderdijk is undoubtedly, one of the highlight of our trip. The windmills are one of the oldest, most beautiful Dutch tourist sites and have been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. The entrance is FREE, but if you want to see the windmill museum, then you have to pay for 7.5 euro. Pretty cheap, right?. Now, let me remind you that Kinderdijk is HUGE. It will take you the whole day if you choose to explore by foot. You can rent a bike from the cafe near the park entrance or go around by boat.




I was busy taking this photo when I accidentally kicked my Go Pro in the lake. We screamed as we saw the camera sink to the bottom of the lake. Good thing it wasn’t too deep. I went straight to the tourist office to get some help. Thank God for the kind heart of the lady officer who was not only helped me get my Go Pro but also lend us the bikes to get back to the entrance. Faith in humanity restored!!



How to get there:

Kinderdijk is closer to Rotterdam so if you’re staying in Amsterdam, you need to go to Rotterdam first. The good news is it’s very cheap and easy to go to Rotterdam. The journey took 1.5 hours by bus, which cost 14 euro roundtrip. Once you arrive in Rotterdam, there are 2 choices to get to Kinderdijk: by regular bus or by waterbus. We chose the latter because it’s the fastest way to get there. Ride a tram and go down at Willemsplein halte, under the side of Erasmus Bridge, where you can find Waterbus ferry. The schedule is quite on time.


There are 3 options of route: First is the Line 202, which will take you directly to Kinderdjk. Second is the Line 20, which requires you to transfer to a smaller boat in Ridderkerk (De Schans), 10 minutes away from Kinderdijk. The third is the same with the second Line, but instead of dropping you at Molenkade, near the entrance of Kinderdijk, it will take you to Alblasserdam. You can cycle your way there to Kinderdijk. We went with the second route. It cost 13 euro for roundtrip, which includes the small ferry from De Schans.



Have you visit Dutch Windmills before? Let me know in the comments below.


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