Journey to American Southwest: The Horseshoe Bend (pt.1)


Summer lalu, aku berkesempatan untuk mini roadtrip ke daerah American Southwest. Dimanakah American Southwest? Jadi di American Southwest itu ada 4 negara bagian, yaitu Nevada, Arizona, Utah dan New Mexico. Nah, di mini roadtrip ini kita pergi melewati 3 states saja yaitu Nevada, Arizona dan Utah. Kamu bisa exploring 3 states sekaligus dalam 2 hari […]

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Salvation Mountain : The Most Unique Mountain in California

When Bryan first told me that we were going for a-day-trip to Salvation mountain, I was so excited. Finally, right?! A day with nature.  I thought we are going to bask under the sun, do some hiking, maybe having a picnic by a quiet lake. Then, I searched about Salvation mountain and tell you what, […]

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Hello 2019?

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I wrote my last blog post. Where has the time gone? A lot of things happened since. Boy, 2018 was a wild year for me. For instance, I’m not writing this from my lovely space in Bali. I moved to Los Angeles 6 months ago. […]

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